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15 March 2018


Rubbish Bags

The recent announcement by the Kapiti rubbish collectors to do away with rubbish bags is nothing short of the rubbish cartel making a money grab. There are 6,000 single people in Kapiti and 60% of those are over the age of 65 with some over 90. Many of these recycle a great deal of their waste, they only put out their rubbish every four to six weeks. A rubbish bag easily handles this. Changing to bins means that they are being charged for a rubbish collection every week when rubbish is not collected. Prices will increase by about 200% to 300% depending how often people presently use a rubbish bag. A lot of those people will be on fixed incomes.

Some people will not have transport or a driving licence so cannot take their rubbish to the tip.

The reasons given for this change are health and safety, hygiene and the environment.

They say that bins are kinder to collectors for health and safety reasons. They have not given one thought to the health and safety of the clients.  If you are elderly, or have a disability, handling a bin up a steep path or driveway is very dangerous.

With regard to hygiene, the argument seems to be that bags split open and bins don’t.  There is some truth in this, however on a number of occasions my bin has been overturned in the street and I am left to clean up the mess. In strong winds bins tend to move around and become a traffic hazard.

The last argument seems to be the plastic bags are bad for the environment. I have some sympathy for this. However, bags do not need to be made from plastic, there are plenty of biodegradable bags which can be used, for instance some paper bags have a number of layers and are difficult to split open. The rubbish collectors seemed to have overlooked the
fact that bins are also made of plastic and we will face a major problem in the future disposing of these.

This move is simply a money grab by the rubbish firms, it will encourage people not to recycle, but put all their rubbish into one bin!

Kevin Burrows
Kapiti Coast Grey Power

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