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Air New Zealand flights from Kapiti to Auckland

Kapiti Coast Grey Power
P.O Box P.O. Box 479
Paraparaumu 5254

Chief Executive Officer
Air New Zeaand
Private Bag 92007

11 March 2018

Dear Sir or Madam

Air New Zealand flights from kapiti to Auckland

I am writng to you to request your organisation reconsider the withdrawal of the Kapiti to Auckkland service. This is a vital service to the Kapiti community both business and recreational.

For many older people the service to Auckland and back is vtial service for both domestic and international traverllers.  People use the flight to visit relatives in Auckland or catch a connecting international flight from Auckland.  When booking an international flight people book the Air NZ to Auckland and remain with Air NZ internationally.  If people have to travel to Wellington they will take the opportunity to use another international carrier. Elderly people partiularly will face difficulty travelling to Wellington to catch a flight. The loss of the Christchurch service was understandable but  withdrawing the Auckland service is not as it is viable.

The Air NZ flights are vital to the local economy and withdrawing the service could well see the closure of the airport completely.

The annoucement of the withdrawal came as a shock and indeed have put a number of people in an embarrassing position. On saturday the 3rd March the airport had an open day at which Air NZ was complemented by a number of local dignitaries, to annouce the withdrawal of the flight five days later shows a marked lack of sensibility and is a very bad look for Air NZ.  It is fair to say from a public relations point of view Air NZ have handled it very  badly.

I and I am comfident other peope involved in the Kapiti community would be happy to meet with you here in kapiti to discuss the situation

Yous sincerely

Kevin Burrows
Kapiti Coast Grey Power

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