Grey Power Federation President Jan Pentecost main focus

Grey Power Federation President Jan Pentecost has outlined the two main focus areas for future lobbying of Government. Speaking to Kapiti membership in March, Jan observed: “Grey Power is different from other lobbying organisations for two reasons: “We are completely independent of government funding. That means we are not jeopardising our funding in any way and we don’t need to give in to them. “The other is that we are not aligned to any political party. Our organisation is run entirely by volunteers, apart from three people at national office who do administration only. That means the decision makers see us as providing grass roots advocacy. “We monitor what the government’s doing and its potential effects on people. We do meet influential politicians and senior bureaucrats. Our aim is to be involved at the earliest possible moment so when the parties are forming their policies about old people we would like to be there then and talk to them at that stage so we’ve got a bigger input.