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PresidentHealth, Housing, Local Body, Older Persons CouncilTrevor Daniell(04)902-3669Email
Vice PresidentLocal Bodies Elections, Age Friendly, Housing Kevin Burrows021 077 1917Email
SecretarySocialDerek Townsend( 04)905 475Email
CommitteeMinute TakerMargaret Medden-Smith  
Treasurer TreasurerChristine Robertson(04)904-0576 Email
CommitteeAsst TreasurerTerry McAvieny(04)905-9954Email
CommitteeMembership Secretary& Office CoordinatorDiana Pierce(04)902-5272Email
 CommitteeEditorMarilyn Williamson(04)296-1603Email
CommitteeRoad SafetyFaye Doyle(04)298-7079Email
 CommitteeLocal Body Affairs & ITCharles Lloyd(04)904 1640Email
CommitteeRecruitment & Public Relations

Rachel Kirsopp

021 0287 5696Email
CommitteeRecruitment & Public Relations

Bob Kirsopp

021 0287 5753Email

Off Committee

Retirement Village
Duncan McDonald(04)298-5887Email
Volunteers & Roster CoordinatorMaxine King021 181 0697 
Discount Book Editor Pam Jacobs(04)905 0687Email
Special ProjectsLesleigh Olsen (04)293 5673 Email
Otaki RepresentativeJune Simpson (06)364 7673
021 109 2583
Otaki DeliveriesJan Harris(06) 364 5653 
Odd Job Scheme: Phone GreyPower
Office Mon – Fri during office hours
Office (04)902-5680Email

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